Vitamin D.. . (For the D Challenge)

Hello CHANELS AND COCKTAILS family!  This post is a little risqué (rated R). Please log off now if you aren’t moved by topics such as this or  if you aren’t of a certain mental capacity to handle these types of discussions. I’ll wait… (Insert Jeopardy clock music)

It was actually my “good Judy” in Maryland who encouraged me to really push the limits with my posts. He advised me to take them to the next level…a level above PG13. So this is me taking his advice… in other words, blame him if you don’t like this post!!!! :).

That being said, Let’s get right into it…

As you all know, for the past few months I have been struggling to get back to my normal, beautifully glowing, acne-free face. Last month, I planned a trip out-of-state to see an old friend. I planned the trip 1 month in advance in hopes of my acne problems being a distant memory by the time of my trip. As the date approached, I was nervous about the trip. As you may have guessed, my skin was still a nightmare. The trip was planned for Friday, April 13th (imagine the irony). Long story short, I decided I would suck it up and take the trip anyway. 3 reasons… We couldn’t get a refund, I really needed an escape, and I really wanted to see my friend.

When I arrived at my friend’s home, my skin was doing its usual acting up but by the time I left on Sunday, I had no active acne on my face. Don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure if I had stayed there an entire week, my acne would be completely gone… Amazing right?

So what was it? What was the change? How had my skin changed so drastically within a few days and I had been dealing with these issues for months? Imagine all the pain and suffering and unneccesary monetary expenses I had acquired… $760 for microneedling, Approx. $500 for acne meds, steroid prescription, Multiple $50 dermatologist copays, applying for Accutane, but of course the humiliation of having a Little Caesar’s hot -n-ready pepperoni pizza face was the WORST!!! But in just 2-3 days my acne was no longer active. Yeah of course, there were acne remnants left behind but no active acne. 

After pondering this a while, I came up with the only possible solution… the only thing that had been missing in my life, “Vitamin D.” What else would explain such a miraculous improvement in such a short time? I immediately consulted my “Good Judy” to discuss the possibilities. Upon ending the conversation, we were both convinced that “Vitamin D” was responsible.

This really got me to thinking…”Vitamin D” may be the magical cure-all we have all been searching for! “Forget the minerals from the ‘Dead Sea,’ ‘Vitamin D’ is where it’s at!”

So…Because I love you all and want the best for each of us, I researched the benefits of “Vitamin D” a little further   And I  put together the following list:

Benefits of “Vitamin D” Image result for vitamin d

-Improved mood, Improved Self Esteem,  Lower Blood pressure, Improved immunity, pain relief, improved sleep, packed with nutrients (Vitamin C, Protein, Vitamin B12, Enzymes, Lipids), Contains mood enhancers (Serotonin, estrogen oxytocin, melatonin, cortisol), Stress release, Burns calories,  improved heart health… And now I think we can add, “improved quality of skin” to that list.

Fun Fact: One sex blogger, Angela Nwosu, from Nigeria, claimed “semen facials” helped her to get rid of spots. I actually don’t subscribe to that form of skin care but to each his own. But what I do know is, “If you ain’t getting that good ole fashioned ‘Vitamin D,’ you are missing out!!!” LOL! No seriously!

Lessons to live by:

Life is about give and take! We give and we receive. Not all giving is bad and not all receiving is bad! There is a balance! Many times as women, we feel we are sacrificing more when it comes to intimate sexual relations, but in all actuality, if done safely,  you aren’t sacrificing anything at all! So let go and enjoy the “Vitamin D.”

“Don’t get too caught up thinking about what you are giving, that you lose sight of what you are receiving in return.” #Gains LOL! Don’t lose out ladies and gentlemen!!!

YouTube: Courtesy of Bravo. “For that ‘D’ Challenge” w/ RHOA cast.



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