I FEEL PRETTY (Movie review)

As I was leaving my Zumba class on Wednesday night, the nice receptionist, Nicole, who is always very friendly and actually addresses me by name every time she sees me, asked if I wanted some movie tickets. The tickets were for the following night. There was a free previewing of an upcoming new movie, “I Feel Pretty,” at the Edwards Marq’E Theater. As she pointed to the stack of flyers on the desk, it was obvious she had sensed from my demeanor as of late (or the ridiculous acne breakout on my face…aka “Pepperoni Pizza face.”), that I was in some horrible sunken place and needed some motivation.

(Insert:  Ridiculous laugh out loud! You MUST laugh at your own silliness.)

Thursday approached. While at work pondering if I would venture out to the movie theater later that evening, I thought, “What the heck? You never really go anywhere or do anything outside of work and working out.” At that moment I decided I would go to the movie, relax, and have a good time. Also, my narcissistic side was excited to see a movie no one else had seen yet.

I arrived about 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Because of all these fancy movie theaters, I am so accustomed to eating warm, delicious food or drinking alcoholic beverages (or doing both while) watching my movie.  I now CANNOT be without some type of food or beverage. If for some reason I am denied these luxuries, you may as well “throw the whole entire movie away! I am no longer interested.” LOL! That being said, I decided to order food. In efforts to get the full effect of this movie experience, I ordered LOADED waffle fries. Yum! Yum! But don’t fret! I bounced back to reality with a Dasani water to drink.

Upon entering theater 16,  the theater attendant was mid-sentence addressing the audience. He was giving this entire spill about turning the power off on all your devices, not talking during the movie, or you will be escorted out… blah, blah, blah. As I stood there listening, almost afraid to enter at this point, he looked at me and asked, “Is the power off on your phone?” I timidly replied, “Yes it is. I already turned the power off.” FYI: I had actually been around by theater 16 about 10 minutes prior, searching for a restroom. I had already heard this same guy giving this speech to the patrons as they entered theater 16. Henceforth, I had immediately turned the power off on my phone in effort to avoid preventable incidents of public humiliation such a public reprimand or being thrown out of the movie entirely. 

The movie started. I watched. I laughed. I worried. I cheered. I almost cried. The movie ended.

Ultimately, I left the movie feeling extremely happy,  inspired and confident. I can actually be quoted saying,  the movie was “Perfect-timing!” (I’m quite sure I stole that particular critique from  some famous movie critic such as, Siskel and Ebert. LOL!)  But nevertheless, this movie was everything.

So what is the movie actually about?

In sum, the movie is about a young lady, Renee (Renee is played by Amy Schumer). Renee doubts herself and doesn’t feel up to par in this seemingly beautiful, health-conscious, skinny, world around her. She goes to Soul Cycling one day and the instructor was so motivational. Just the instructor’s words, and a slight fall off the bike resulting in head trauma, changed Renee’s out look on life. She instantly was “pretty.” But with this new-found confidence came obnoxious behaviors that really jeopardized some very special relationships in her life. By the end of the movie, Renee realized that nothing magically changed about her physical appearance. She was the exact same person. The only thing that had actually changed was her confidence. She felt great about herself for once. She realized, that special kind of beauty is something we possess early in life, even as a child. It lives within each of us.

Some may think this is just another “girl’s movie,” but it actually isn’t. This movie has some amazing undertones and messages for men as well. I can honestly say, without any reservation, “This is one of the best, feel-good movies I have seen in years.” It is rated PG-13; there is one small minuscule sex scene. Other than that, the movie is safe for younger audiences. April 20th is the release date for this amazing film. I highly recommend you check it out.

Heck, it surely made me feel a lot better. I went to  work today with my heels on and my lips painted. “I FEEL PRETTY!!!”

What I took from this film… (Lessons to live by.)

1.) Self-confidence (inner beauty) exceeds aesthetics (outer beauty).People, power, money, success, happiness, love, etc… What ever you desire most in life, will automatically gravitate towards you if you possess the confidence to believe you deserve those things.

2.) Many of us have it backwards.We think if we are more aesthetically beautiful, (better wardrobe, better skin, longer hair, more fit, etc.), our lives will change. We will in turn feel better about ourselves and exude more self-confidence.  Well contrary to popular belief, it actually works the exact opposite. By gaining/regaining our self-confidence, we become more aesthetically beautiful because we are able to recognize our worth, and in turn, make conscious decisions to take good care of ourselves. We will present ourselves in a way that best matches our confidence level and not a single ounce less!

Official movie trailer below via Youtube:


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  1. Louise Husband says:

    Good for You Shug!! I want to see it!

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    1. Awww mommy! You’re here! 😁😍


    2. Yes it’s really good!

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