Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow- Logan Paul (Review)/ God’s Grace and Mercy

I didn’t know anything about Logan Paul before the infamous “suicide video” that circulated a couple months ago and the humongous backlash that followed. In the video, the 22 year-old youtuber visited a place called, “suicide forest” at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. This particular location was given this name “due to its high occurrence as a suicide site.” The young Logan actually videoed and uploaded footage of the corpse of an individual who had committed suicide by hanging. The public was outraged and disgusted. People wondered, “Who is this insensitive, heartless, rich kid?” Needless to say, Logan lost many supporters…he almost lost his entire career.

About a week ago, I was scrolling my YouTube and I came across a recently uploaded vlog from Logan entitled, “Suicide: Be here tomorrow.” As I watched the video in its entirety, I fought to hold back my tears. I was emotional because watching the video reminded me of GOD’s power. It also reminded me of HIS unwavering GRACE and MERCY for us all (even when it seems we don’t deserve it).

It’s true…GOD works in mysterious ways, and it took this one single, awful, terrifying event to open this young man’s eyes. Suicide is the second leading cause of death. But yet, in the video, Logan stated he has never known anyone who committed suicide. For that reason, he had not realized the seriousness of this epidemic. Unfortunately, he is not alone. Many people are unable to truly empathize and understand the depth of traumatic and life-changing experiences until they experience a life-changing event themselves. I think it’s safe to assume, this was a life-changing experience for Logan Paul.

Logan stated, going forward, it is his mission to dedicate his time to educate himself, give back, and to provide support to those in need! On behalf of Logan Paul, myself, and every single one of you, I thank God for HIS GRACE and for HIS MERCY! Amen!

Lessons to live by:

1.) Don’t ever ask God, “Why me?

“Why not you? Be thankful for your failures, your hardships, your ‘dumb’ mistakes, your short-comings, and your embarrassing moments. It is through those difficult experiences that you will learn your awesome strength and you actually begin to grow.”

2.) Even when WE don’t think WE are, WE are!

“We are loved! We are treasured! We are appreciated! We are valued! Let’s try not to  let our thoughts get so convoluted that we think we are less than we are…EVER AGAIN!”

3.) GOD loves you!!!

Suicide prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Pictured Below: Grammy award winner, Donny Hathaway (1945-1979) Death by Suicide at age 33.



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