I smoked marijuana…

I was recently watching a popular youtuber, Queen Naija’s channel. On this particular vlog, another vlogger, Clarence NYC (very handsome by the way), asked her if she had ever smoked marijuana. She replied she had smoked once but she would never smoke again. She said she was hallucinating and having delusions. She said her friend’s face became contorted and demonic. She even saw a dog’s head hanging in the tree on her way home. LMAO!!! I must admit, that was pretty funny. This reminded me of a similar experience I had when I smoked marijuana. I was about 16 years old. This was my first time ever smoking. I was pretty “fast” so I was hanging out with my friends at an apartment complex in town. I lived in a rural area but would always go into town and hang out with my friend’s older sister and her friends. This particular night we were inside my friend’s sister’s apartment laughing, dancing, and listening to music. My friend’s sister was about 21 or 22 so they were all drinking and playing spades, etc. Of course someone introduced the “ weed.” Me, being the scary person I am, was afraid to try it but there was this older guy there, “Reggie,” who I had a huge crush on. I wanted to impress him and didn’t want to appear to be a duck… although I really was. LOL! So I smoked the weed. Almost immediately, I began to trip lol! The ground started spinning around me. I became extremely paranoid. I suddenly thought my friend’s cousin was a serial killer and he was trying to kill me so I started running from him. The marijuana didn’t have this effect on the other people who were smoking… just me. This experience was laughable afterwards, but in the moment I was terrified. I legit wanted to call “Crimestoppers” or “America’s Most Wanted” hotline to report my friend’s serial killer cousin.

Lesson I learned…
“I am not in love with Mary Jane.” She is not my main thang!



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  1. Okay y’all smoking some weird stuff lol. It just gave me a calm experience back in the day.

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    1. Lol! No! It was regular weed!


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