My sister and I… (Oil and water)


Upon reading my first post, you should know, no subject and no individual is off limits when it comes to my blog. My tagline is “A girl’s story of money, power, and respect…!” I feel most things fall in one of those 3 categories. Today’s category is respect. Let me tell you about my older sister…

My family and I have a “GroupMe” account that we use to keep in touch and “shoot the sh!t.” This morning my sister posed a random question about oxtails of all things. Since my phone is always under me and I knew the answer to her question, I responded. She then replied with an “@” to my other sister asking her the same question.

Now why would she do that? To totally dismiss my comment and request a response from someone else… how disrespectful!!! So of course, I got pissed off.  I told her, “In the future, you should ‘@’ the person you want to respond…(in the very beginning of the conversation).”

“She didn’t apologize or acknowledge her fault, but it has always been that way with us.

I was watching an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians recently. In the episode, there was a scene in which Khloe was telling Kim about an incident that occurred. Khloe had actually seen video footage of the incident in reference. Kim told Khloe it was not true and she didn’t believe her. Khloe became really upset. She stated since she was a little girl, Kim had never given her the benefit of the doubt and had always dismissed her. In that moment, I thought of my sister and I. “We are like oil and water, we just don’t mix.”  I am very similar to Khloe… we both are really passionate and are firecrackers. My sister is very similar to Kim… they are both real life b!tches!!! LOL! (Sorry not sorry)! I still love her very much though! Truly! Honestly! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lessons to live by:

“Always demand respect of others!” If someone doesn’t value and respect your opinion, maybe he/she doesn’t deserve it.

“Choose your battles wisely!” Don’t give yourself or your energy to anyone who doesn’t appreciate it and respect it as much as you do!

Fun Clip below courtesy of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” via



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