“I Just Wanna Dance!”/(Inner Me Studios Review)


There is something I have been wanting to do for a while now and I finally did it…

I went to a dance class. OMG! Amazing! There is this fabulous dance studio here in Houston, “Inner Me Studios.” I googled this studio a while back when I was interested in taking dance classes, but I never followed through. Yesterday, while on my lunch break at work, that “dancing spirit” fell upon me again, but this time it was even stronger than before. I googled “Inner Me Studios” again. I noticed they were having a special “stilettos” dance class later that night. They were going to be dancing to Chris Brown’s “Tempo”…funners! So I called immediately to register for the class. The lady who assisted me with registering was unbelievably nice. I was worried about being singled out or embarrassed in front of the class if my dance moves weren’t up to par. She assured me there was nothing to worry about and I would have a blast.

I arrived to the class about 15 minutes early. As I watched the other ladies arrive, some of my tensions were eased because everyone pretty much looked like me…regular people just wanting to dance and how fun (No one stood out as a Debbie Allen, Laurie Ann Gibson, Alvin Ailey protegé). I soon learned, there is no particular look to an amazing dancer. They come in all shapes and sizes.

We all started out on the same level, learning the dance routine, but by the end of class, I could truly spot the dance protegés I couldn’t see earlier. LOL!

But honestly, this class was so much fun! I may never get to the level of some of these girls, but it is certainly worth the effort…(An additional bonus is burning calories and getting in shape).

I will definitely be signing up to become a member of Inner Me Studios and if you “just wanna dance,” I suggest you do the same! 🙂

Lesson I learned…

“You are never too old to ‘JUST DO IT!'”

We only get one chance at this life thing. Enjoy every bit of it. Challenge yourself, try new things, and live your “best life” unapologetically.



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