“Sorry for bothering you…”/ (The shade!)


Have you ever been talking to someone and maybe you didn’t respond the way he/she wanted you to, so suddenly he/she hits you with the, nonchalant “Sorry for bothering you” statement.

{This is on my mind because my boyfriend hit me with the “sorry for bothering you” text today when I didn’t respond to his texts within a timeframe he saw fit.}

As I was playing around on the computer, I heard my phone ping with a new text. Upon opening my messages, the first text I see is “sorry for bothering you.” This text was preceded by two texts (sent about 30 minutes prior) that I had mistakenly overlooked. My negligence and failure to respond to his previous texts is what prompted this act of randomness.

I responded to the infamous text with a simple, “huh?” kevin hart 2

He then replied, “Not being sarcastic and not looking for any trouble but trying to say…”

Regardless what he was “tryinnnnggg” to say, “the sorry for bothering you” curve statement is a classic display of shade. “No, you really aren’t sorry for bothering me! You are actually trying to elicit a response from me at this very moment.”  But of course, I am a genius and I realize what is going on, so the response I provided was very minimal. (FYI: My boyfriend isn’t really the passive aggressive type, but he seems to have picked up a few sassy behaviors from me… LOL!)

What my boyfriend may not know…

I created, produced, directed, currently star in, and received an Oscar Award for the ART of  SHADE (formally known as passive aggression), and I am mastering new shady techniques every single day! Lol!


For laughs..


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