H&M/ Let’s talk about it

I must be honest, racism isn’t an easy subject to talk about, but as a “black” individual, it is a subject we MUST discuss! I will spare you the in-depth background regarding this latest incident of racism involving the clothing store, H&M. It is simple! H&M thought it would be a great marketing idea to dress a “little black boy” in a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie (Not really! Obviously, no thought was involved).

After all we have gone through as a country, shouldn’t we all be a little more conscious of our actions and how they may affect or be perceived by others?
H&M, why didn’t having a “little black boy” standing in front of your cameras in a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie, set off whistles, bells, lightning bolts, alarms, shockwaves, sirens, smoke signals, etc.??? There had to be at least one individual in the room with not only a compassionate heart but a brain. Surely someone had to know, this would not end well.

Many people are not only outraged with H&M, but with the little boy’s parents as well. Apparently, the young boy was accompanied to the shoot by his mom and stepfather but neither saw the young model’s clothing prior to the shoot—I can give the parents a pass on that. But generally, once the shoot has wrapped and before the pics are released, there is a review or a soft launch, of sorts, of the campaign ad. Shouldn’t the parents have noticed then? The entire situation is very unsettling and disturbing.

I do agree, some times as a culture of people,  we can be overly sensitive about some things… but don’t be confused, THIS ISN’T ONE OF THOSE THINGS. We indeed, should all be outraged.
What I have to say to H&M…
“As a hardworking, tax paying citizen of this great democratic country, I am afforded the right to buy and trade wherever and with whomever I please. I refuse to spend my hard-earned money (the same hard-earned money my ancestors slaved and died for) to support individuals or businesses who don’t support me. So kick rocks H&M!”

Lessons to live by…

“We are all KINGS and QUEENS!”

king of the jungle black kid“Unfortunately here on earth, the streets are not paved with gold. Each day, brings new challenges. But always remember, “We are all kings and queens! We are worthy and we have God’s favor! Stay strong, stay beautiful, remain humble, and strive for your dreams!” You determine your worth and decide your own destiny. Don’t ever give anyone the power to decide those things for you!”—Chanels and Cocktails



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