Happy New Year/ Resolutions: Possible or Nah?

Happy New Year Chanels and Cocktails family. I pray everyone is in good spirit and in good health. So, let’s take a moment to talk about resolutions…Are we doing this or nah?

new years resolutions

In one of my previous posts, I stated that one of my New Year’s resolutions/( Life resolutions) is to continue to have improved communications with my family and loved ones and to visit them more often. I have no problem with this type of resolution. This is something  I have already been working on and besides, it is normal, expected human behavior…this is nothing outlandish. I think it is the somewhat “unrealistic” resolutions that have given “resolutions” in general a bad name. Here are a few examples… So, you are 300 lbs., your New Year’s resolution is to lose 150 lbs. Hmmm… This is interesting. I am not one to knock anyone’s goals or admirations, but if this was a true desire or goal, why would an individual wait until January 1st to begin it? 9 times out of 10, these types of rush resolutions probably will not work. Sorry but I am being honest. Another person’s resolution may be to clean up his/her credit. How realistic is that? If having good credit was a true desire, it seems this would be something you would have been continuously working towards year round. This isn’t something you would wait until January 1st to make a priority. The long and short of it is, typically “resolutions” aren’t successful because these are rush (sometimes unrealistic) ideas of what you think you should do or how you think you should live based on society’s perceptions of what is acceptable, but they really have nothing to do with your heart or your true priorities. I suggest instead of making all these pointless, disappointing resolutions, you should try fine tuning and molding the areas you have already began to work on during the year (or over the years).

Personally, I avoid making promises to myself. Unfulfilled promises may lead to feelings of disappointment or inadequacy. I suggest you work towards living a better life and being a better you in general, for the remainder of your natural life, not just during “resolution season.”
Got it?
You already know what to do and how to do it. Take your time and focus on the things you want to do…at your own pace and with no pressure from anyone. Yes, you will most likely have some detours and get off track along the way, but eventually the train comes back around, you get back on, and start back on your way!!!

Lessons to live by:
1.) “Prepare yourself for the long-distance run!”
“A long-distance run will leave you sweaty, sore, and deeply satisfied. If you arm yourself with discipline and hard work, you will find that you’re able to push past what you thought you were capable of. However, working your way up to that long run is a challenging process that requires both mental and physical preparation Through careful planning, you will be prepared for this long-distance run.”
2.) Identify your goal, identify a plan, take small steps, and Finish Strong!
3.) “If at first you don’t succeed, try again and again and again!” As long as there is breath in your body, KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! 


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