Louis Vuitton Girl/ My nephew loves designer wear!

From the moment I arrived at my eldest sister’s home for our Christmas gathering, my 8-year-old nephew was in complete admiration. When I walked into the house, he first noticed my bag, then he noticed my shoes. He said, “I think I know the name. It’s a rich brand. What is the name?” I replied, “Louis Vuitton!” He said, “yeah that’s right!” For the remainder of my visit home, I was referred to as “Louis Vuitton girl” by my nephew. LOL! He has always been infatuated with money and for some reason he thinks I have a lot of it….. (Fake News!)

It gets funnier…

The next day, we went to my sister’s house (my nephew’s mother) to visit. Of course I was greeted at the door with a huge hug from my nephew, but it wasn’t long before we picked up just where we left off the previous night. While my other nephews and my son were playing 2k, this child sat next to me and had an entire hour-long conversation (if not longer) pertaining to designer wear. He knew all the big designers…From Christian Louboutin to Fendi! I was so impressed! He even knew the color of Fendi’s shopping bag…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. His eyes stayed glued on me and he didn’t leave my presence the entire time I was there. He wanted to see what other designer products/ gear I had.  After some time, he and I decided to play Jenga— I lost both times! Afterwards, I pulled out some lip gloss to apply to my dry lips, he saw the lip gloss and said, “I can tell that’s a rich brand!” Hoping to avoid another hour long conversation about designers and me “being rich,” I stated, “No, it’s not. It’s just Dior!”—(Fingers crossed that he’s not familiar with Christian Dior.)


He asked how much it costs. I hesitantly replied, “Ummm… not much! Ummm… it’s only about 30 bucks!”  He excitedly exclaimed, “I knew it was a rich brand!”

…. This kid!!! LOL!

While in Walmart shopping, I noticed a woman standing beside us with a huge Louis Vuitton “Never Full” bag! I pointed the bag out to him–(finally an opportunity to shift his focus onto someone else)! Imagine the look in his eyes when he saw that huge LV bag… He was almost speechless—(and that is saying a lot)! He just knew he had come in contact with a real-life billionaire! Now that was the single most sweetest, cutest, funniest thing ever!!!


Lessons I learned…

1.) “Label love has no age!”

2.) “Perception is indeed reality!”— Especially when you are 8 years old!

Last but not least…

3.) “MY NEPHEW IS AN ABSOLUTE BOSS!”… (But of course we already knew that!) wink! wink!


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