The Michelada Experience/ Just say no!

MicheladaIn a previous blog, I mentioned the “Michelada!” Well let me tell you why this drink experience deserves a blog of its own. So my “Good Judy” and I were at Belle Station for brunch. As you know (from my IV-bar blog), we were trying to cure our hangover from partying the previous night. At Belle Station, there was a 30 something Caucasian female bar-tending alongside a handsome 20 something Caucasian male. Both were very friendly and welcoming. When I initially told the male bartender I had a hangover, he recommended the “Michelada.” He said it was a very popular drink that worked well to cure hangovers—The ingredients: beer, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, soy sauce, and ground pepper. I didn’t order the drink at that moment. Later, the female bartender reentered the picture… “I want to know what y’all did last night?” My “good Judy” and I giggled at the comment and continued eating our food (Girl we don’t even know you like that! lol!). She then asked if we wanted something else to drink. I said, ” Let me try the Michelada! Is it good?” She replied, “Yes it is very good!” So she prepared the drink. Keep in mind, this lady had been extremely friendly and welcoming the entire time. She even told us about her own personal “IV Bar” experience. She handed me the drink and said, “I can add more beer once you drink it down some!” I took one sip of the drink and thought “Oh shoot!” What am I going to do? She then asked, “Do you like it?” I replied “Yes!” I couldn’t bring myself to crush her feelings! She was clearly very proud of the drink she prepared and she wanted me to love it but I didn’t!!!! This was literally the nastiest drink I had ever tasted.

I took small sips here and there but I knew there was no way I could tell her the drink was disgusting but I also knew there was no way I could finish it… not even part of it. On top of coming in with 1 issue (the hangover), I now had an additional, unwarranted issue (the Michelada)!

I waited for my opportunity… (When she left the bar to go to the back), I called the male bartender over and literally said, “GET RID OF THIS NOW! I WILL STILL PAY FOR IT BUT GET RID OF IT.” I followed that demand by a threat, “DON’T YOU DARE TELL HER , BUT I HATE IT!” He laughed and agreed not to snitch but my “good Judy” decided to blackmail me saying he was going to tell the female bartender I hated her drink and had gotten rid of it. When she returned to the bar, I couldn’t even make eye contact. I quickly cashed out and got the heck out of dodge! LOL!
Lessons to live by:

1.) “Be honest with people!” When you tell one lie, you probably will have to tell another to keep from being exposed!

2.) “The ‘Michelada’ isn’t an African American person’s drink!” (I think it has a Mexican origin!)


3.) My “good Judy” is a COMPLETE SNITCH!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bye y’all!!!!


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