Back to work at Peewee’s playhouse

peewees playhouse

This is a short blog to let you all know, I survived my first week back at “Peewee’s playhouse”… Although, it was not easy! “Peewee really tried it!” I had been off work for about 2 months but I returned to the same drama. But during my time off, I took time to meditate and to process unpleasant scenarios that had taken place. I also thought of possible negative incidents I may encounter upon my return and how to deal with them… well none of that worked (“Peewee” hit me with something I hadn’t even imagined).


Is it possible to have a job that is stress-free? What about to work in an environment where there isn’t constant personality clashes? At this point, I doubt it! But if you are blessed enough to work in an environment such as that, know that you are just that…BLESSED!

What I had to realize is “A JOB IS A JOB!” It isn’t intended to be easy. Rather it is the actual work that’s the hassle, or the personalities, 9 times out of 10 there is probably always going to be a certain level of difficulty surrounding your job. Now don’t get me wrong, there are certain characters (such as “Peewee”) who are just petty!!!! But at the end of the day you must keep your eye on the prize…And that is “the cash prize!”

ddfg Hello Somebody!!! LOL!

Lesson I learned…

1.) “Don’t let anyone dim your light!”

You are a queen! Some may be intimidated or envious of that fact, but that’s to be expected. It’s called “black girl magic!”



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  1. That’s real. Since I’ve been mentoring I definitely understand. The job is what you make it sometimes.

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    1. That’s exactly right Brian!!!


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