Visit to the IV Bar/ Bad Idea…

Have you ever felt like you literally threw money out the window and watched it just fly, fly, fly away? —We all have done it so please don’t try to lie to me right now 🙂 Anyway, My “Good Judy” (My best friend from Maryland) was here visiting me in Houston this past weekend. He and I were out having Saturday brunch and weren’t feeling so well due to the negative side effects of partying the previous night— (a little too much to drink).

We were doing everything possible to cure the hangover… taking meds, drinking ice cold beer, eating biscuits, eating greasy hamburgers and fries, eating fruit, drinking Micheladas– (the “Michelada” experience is an entire blog in itself” UGH!!! Disgusting!!!)!

Suddenly, My “good Judy” (who always “tries” to give me great advice) decides we should get IVs for hydration. He found a few locations here in Houston. One location was just 4 miles away and “reasonably priced.” Done! My “good Judy” contacted the owner and booked the appointment. When we arrived to our appointment, we were comforted to see a gentleman there in the process of receiving an IV. He stated he gets the IV for vitamins at least twice monthly. He loves it. At that point, my “good Judy” and I were all in. We received our IVs for hydration. During the process of receiving the IV, I felt somewhat euphoric but cold (I now know that was that near death feeling! I was close to meeting Jesus! LOL!)!  Upon leaving the IV Bar, we felt pretty good and hopeful that within a few minutes we would be ready to party all night long. Unfortunately, that great feeling never came. I was tired and had this feeling of confusion all night. The following day I was in bed alllllll day long. It’s like I suddenly developed a case of the flu…my body ached, my head hurt, my throat was sore…. What was in that Shit???

Lessons I learned…

1.) “To sit my behind down sometimes. I don’t have to experience everything.”

2.) “Read more reviews… Do my research!”

The most important lesson is…

“My Good Judy” knows absolutely nothing about curing

a hangover!”





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josie says:

    All I reply to that one is😂😂


  2. Yeah you went way to hard. I’ve had those nights. I usually follow up with Gatorade and Excedrin lol. Grab one of those “No Hangover” shots from specs next time. I’m older now so a half pint of crown is my max. 😂


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