Our Compassionate Hearts/ The Keaton Jones Story

heart- he loved us first

Disclaimer… I am not a philosopher, nor have I ever claimed to be—(Or at least I don’t recall… LOL!)

confused thinking girl

In my blogs, I like to keep it real and raw. I want you to laugh and think…That’s all… Nothing more! Nothing less!

This is a short blog about the “Keaton Jones” bullying story that recently went viral. Basically, in the video, little Keaton Jones (a young Caucasian boy) was crying—(clearly upset). In the video little Keaton was asking his mother, Kimberly Jones, “Why do kids bully each other?” He apparently had been bullied at school by some other kids. Once the video was released, everyone was up -in- arms. I mean people were ready to “ride or die” for little Keaton. Rappers were gassing up there Chevys and ‘Lacs, ready to ride out! — (I kid, I kid! Lol!)

But seriously, there were hundreds of encouraging internet messages sent to Keaton and his family. Some celebrities even offered to fly Keaton and his family out to sporting events to encourage him. The mother, Kimberly Jones, evenually created a go fund me page for Keaton “to help purchase Christmas presents.”— Some people were actually donating.

As in true internet form, everyone awoke the following morning to discover pictures swarming on the internet of little Keaton and his family holding confederate flags. The mother, Kimberly Jones, is “supposedly” very racist! —

Wow! Can you believe it? We were bamboozled by the internet yet again. Being from the south, when I saw the picture “I personally” saw a picture of hate and bullies! (The family was holding the flags with such pride with no concern in the world.)

This discovery led people to think maybe little Keaton was a victim of bullying because he himself was indeed a bully— Who knows?

All this deception made me somewhat angry, but I was more proud to see the support for little Keaton. This helped me to see there are still some “compassionate hearts” out there—KUDOS!

I was angry Keaton’s mother is the complete opposite. It appears she doesn’t have an ounce of compassion in her body! If she did have compassion, she would think about the history of the Confederate flag and its negative ties and not flaunt it around.

Lessons I learned:

  • “Do your research! ‘Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear!”‘
  • “Don’t change your heart! Compassion is a quality not everyone possesses but is one of the greatest qualities to have!”

And the most important lesson is…

“Be compassionate, but DON’T be a fool!”


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  1. They were talking about that on the breakfast club. It’s crazy really. Believe half of what you see and none of what you here.

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