Shifting the Atmosphere

I have to be perfectly honest with you guys! I have been through entire HELL and back. I have been on FMLA for over a month now and have had at least 3 expected return to work dates but those dates have come and gone. The reason for this prolonged return to work is clear!  All you have to do is go back a few blogs to the, “51 reasons why I DESPISE MY BOSS,”  blog! Lol! I’m laughing but I’m very serious. I can’t quite put my finger on one specific reason other than he is a male with female tendencies. If I recall correctly I have only ever had female bosses…Never a male…(especially never a “shemale”… no offense to the “LBGTQABCDEFG” community! lol! JOKES! JUST JOKES!)

***Intermission because I have ADHD…

{Is anyone else so sick of Beyonce? I just scrolled on my Instagram to see her presenting the “Muhummad Ali Legacy Award” to Colin Kaepernick. Girl, Go check on Blue and them twins and nem or something. Ughhh!!!}

***Disclaimer {I feel this way about Bey today but that could easily change tomorrow! LOL!}

Anyway, so let’s talk about “shifting the atmosphere.” Regardless how much I try to avoid the inevitable, I have to return to work. Like the rest of America, I have bills, bills, and more bills! So how can I go back to work with “the shemale version of Peewee Herman as my boss and remain sane?


This is when “shifting the atmosphere” comes into play. Unfortunately, WE can’t always shift our physical atmospheres but WE can always shift our spiritual, emotional, and mental atmospheres. We have all the power! We have the ace of spades and can determine our own destinies and choose our own battles. With every breath I take, every exercise I do, each meditation, every praise and worship, each spiritual and emotional cleansing, I am “shifting my atmosphere”.… (and it’s in my favor!)

Lessons to live by:

1.) Don’t ever give someone so much control over your life that they determine your happiness or lack there of.

2.) Our mind is such a powerful tool, take good care of it and use it wisely.

3.) We must train our brains just as we train physically! ONLY YOU CONTROL YOU!!!

>>> Insert shameless promo>>>(Children’s book Train your Brain… Only you control you!’, coming to bookstores near you very soon!)

Drink of the night: Mamma Mia red blend (4 stars)



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  1. psyxblog says:

    It’s time for a new job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! That’s my last blog about Peewee! I think everyone gets the idea! Lol!


  2. Josie says:

    I loved your blog today and yes I agree that u may need to look for other employment if in fact this employer causes you to be ill. However I would like to interject a suggestion if I may, there is always going to be someone around to push our buttons.. the key is to not let them have access to our buttons. For example, I have a safe deposit box and only I know the code to get into it.. well I’m not going to give my code to anyone else because if I do then they have access…. that
    might or might not make sense, however the essence of what I’m saying is this.. people are not going
    to change., the likelihood of that
    happening is slim to none in most
    cases( including our family) like you said in the blog “ we need to shift the atmosphere” Sis we can only control how we respond and perceive situations… we have the power to keep our safe deposit box safe by not letting someone who is not authorized to open it, open it!! You get me babygirl? Spiritual, mental, physical, psychological health etc, can be managed by our own reactions and responses to circumstances that arise! Stop letting PEEWEE get the best of u, rise above his antics and know that u have the power sis.. whewww ok, I’m done!! Great blogging with u!😘👍🏾


    1. Josie, I love this and I love you! I understand exactly what you are saying! I am blessed to have such a spiritual, knowledgeable, and supportive sister! Thank you! 😘


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