I have been postponing this post because let’s face it, no one “likes” to discuss the socially unfitting topics. But when I woke this morning to learn Matt Lauer, host of the NBC television show ‘Today’, had been fired, I knew I had to blog about this. How much is too much? What is sexually inappropriate behavior? Why do these “victims” take so long to say anything?

This is My blog and I will share MY thoughts! So here we go…

Some of the allegations may indeed be true but I feel that many others are not, or they aren’t “that serious!” We live in a culture that is so hypersensitive and it is getting out of control. These women fail to realize the negative effects these frivolous allegations could have on the rest of us. This is creating a “Little boy who cried wolf” atmosphere. When a genuinely authentic offense occurs, will that individual be believed?

Let’s chat…

If someone made a sexually inappropriate gesture towards me, or touched me inappropriately, or – (Lord forbid)–raped me, I am not waiting decades to talk about it. I am not waiting a minute. That person would be exposed immediately. Yeah, yeah, I am a therapist and I know it isn’t always easy to talk about these things but many times some of these allegations are so ordinary–nothing as serious as rape– (which is extremely traumatic). Often, the “offense” is less serious –something like gestures or comments.  Let’s be clear, no two people are the same, but I don’t think those previously mentioned “offenses” are traumatic and probably wouldn’t result in PTSD or anything but don’t get me wrong, those are considered “sexually inappropriate behaviors” and should be addressed. But why not expose that person then? Why wait decades?

What I think…

Rather you want to admit it or not, this is a dog eat dog world. People are going to do what ever is necessary to get to the top.  When one is trying to get a movie role, or move up at his/her job, etc., a boss making a sexually inappropriate statement may be “cute” or “flirty” but as soon as things are no longer going his/her way, it is now rape (Especially if the accused has moved on with his/her life and is successful)! It’s unfair ladies and gentlemen! This Conyers situation is a perfect example…The accuser is approximately “1,000” years old!!! Huh? She basically said Conyers stripped in front of her in a hotel room in 1997. Why are you just now saying something? If you were so offended, why wait a decade later sis? This situation with Matt Lauer supposedly occurred during the entire year of 2014…. It is almost 2018!!! Why 4 years sis? And let’s not even talk about the dozens other ancient cases of abuse surfacing…

I was watching a show, ‘One Mississippi’, the other day on Amazon. I had never watched this television show before– but since I am from Mississippi– I was intrigued. There was a scene in which the two main characters were hosting their radio show and they began to talk about sexually inappropriate behavior they had experienced in the past. One of the ladies talked bout when she was in high school the coach would sniff the girls’ vaginas to tell who was on her period. She also discussed two more occasions… one when she went to summer camp the male counselors would try to touch the girls’ boobs and another situation in which the counselors would try to take off the girls’ bathing suits. She then said she never saw anything wrong with it other than the guys were “gross people.”  She doesn’t have any PTSD about it or anything. The other radio show host (Tig Notaro) then chimed in to say, “You were molested! I am sorry!”  Really… molested??? This is another phenomenon that is taking place. Others are preying upon these impressionable women and making them to believe something occurred that didn’t really occur. The other radio show host (Tig Notaro) later stated, she had been raped in the past. So, you might imagine she (Tig Notaro) is more hypersensitive about the topic and has zero tolerance for any inappropriate behavior by a male… any inappropriate behavior on behalf of a man may be “molestation” in her eyes.

Lessons to live by:

  1. If someone does anything to makes you feel uncomfortable, speak on it then…Tell someone! The longer you wait, the less valid your story becomes.
  2. Think for yourself!!! You are your own individual being! Don’t let anyone tell you how you feel or what you experienced. No one can tell your story better than you!!! (If you were hurt or offended by someone’s actions, say something! If you weren’t hurt or offended, let it go!”



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  1. Josie says:

    I’m gonna miss Matt! Great blog Sis, that’s a great topic for today’s situations Sis. Loved reading it, thought provoking indeed

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Josie! Glad you liked it! I’m going to miss Matt too!!! 😦


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