Facebook (Root of all Evil)

Let’s talk about the world of Facebook. I had to pull out my laptop to blog about this because it literally just happened— blogging is a coping strategy for me at times.

Of course you all know I have this newly created blog, “Chanels and Cocktails.” I have been trying to promote my blog to everyone (including my friends and family). That being said, I share a GroupMe chat with my mother and my siblings and of course I have begged everyone of them to like, comment, and subscribe to my blog. One of my oldest siblings hasn’t subscribed to my blog and never seems engaged regarding anything that is going on in my life but as soon as some “mess” surfaces on Facebook, she is ready to post and share it with the group. I am not on Facebook for this very reason. I have a low tolerance for messy individuals. Of course–like the rest of America– I have guilty pleasures such as reality television. Yes, they may fight, gossip, and  fuss,  that is a part of life but for the most part these individuals are grinding trying to get ahead, striving to be successful. I learn a lot of business ideas and general life lessons from these individuals (What to do and what not to do)–believe it or not. (“I would rather follow the life of a rich person that that of a broke one!” )

On Facebook, a majority of the individuals (who are always being messy) –are in the same predicament they were in 20 years ago… broke, living on government income, with “not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of! ” Yet these individuals can stir up constant “drama” on Facebook… and unfortunately, my sister loves it. She has three young kids and is not where she needs or desires to be in life but she makes sure she logs into Facebook religiously, so she may catch the latest messiness unfolding.

Tonight, she and I actually had a little spat on the group message because I reminded her, she has never read any of my blogs nor has she subscribed to my blogs!  To make matters worse, yesterday I went to see my PCP… I informed my family via GroupMe that the physician discovered something wrong with my thyroid and was referring me to an endocrinologist. I was clearly upset and genuinely concerned for my health. My mother and other siblings responded and were concerned. I never received any response from this sibling regarding concern about my health–although she was active on the GroupMe chat.
Yes, I get that people have the right to do whatever they please—this is America— but at what point do you say, “Enough is enough! None of this is helping me to get where I want/need to be for myself and for my family!”…????

I hate Facebook!
Lessons to live by:
1. “Sweep around your own front door before trying to sweep around anyone else’s.”
2. “Get so consumed with reaching your own personal (financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.) goals, you don’t have time to worry about anyone else.”

3. “Don’t get so focused on the lives of others, you forget to live your own. Gossip has been around for centuries (it’s not going anywhere), but unfortunately, your loved ones don’t get to live that long! Cherish them!

Most importantly…

4. “A dog that brings a bone will carry a bone!” (So keep a close eye on your “gossip” partners!

Bye y’all!!!!



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