Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone. I am sorry I have been M.I.A but I have just been relaxing a little. All that aside…let’s talk about Thanksgiving dinner and the reaction to the Thanksgiving dinner. So I think I am a pretty good cook—-I am not the best but I am not afraid to experiment with food (I am a self-proclaimed “foodie”). On Thanksgiving Eve I decided I wanted to cook (“experiment”), So I went to HEB to get some food. I bought field peas, pork chops, chicken, rolls, corn bread dressing ingredients, veggies, corn on the cob, etc.  I was really excited. I rushed home and started to prepare my Thanksgiving Dinner. My boyfriend and I had decided he would come over to have Thanksgiving dinner with me. I stayed up all night cooking, listening to music and drinking cocktails (of course). As I began to cook I realized I didn’t have any real “soul food” seasonings. I typically only use Accent, herbs, and salt-free lemon pepper seasonings on all my food—- so you can imagine some people may consider my food bland. I don’t even have the hood classic, “Lawry’s Season All” in my pantry—(imagine that! SMH!), but I worked with what I had.


The next day my boyfriend arrived. I was so excited for him to share this Thanksgiving feast with me. I prepared his plate… As he began to eat I could tell by the sour look on his face he wasn’t too pleased with the meal!

 kevin hart

I asked if he liked the meal…

mad cartoon face

Finally after some time he admitted he hated the food. He particularly hated the cornbread dressing (the one item that took the longest to prepare)! To make matters worse, he is Nigerian. He’d never even tasted cornbread dressing before, all he knew is it was disgusting! I wasn’t even mad. I agreed…Total fail! Lol!

Lesson Learned:

  • Honesty is the best solution.
  • Forget the health food kick when you are cooking for others. (Soul food isn’t intended to be bland.)
  •  The things you secretly dislike may be the same things others secretly dislike! Talk about it sis!
  • The sooner you are honest with yourself, the sooner you can order take out!



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  1. Josie says:

    Yes ma’am , soul food is just that.. food for ur soul.. meant to be enjoyed not destroyed Sis.. get u some lawrys and make it happen next time!😘

    Liked by 1 person

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