So who has heard this nonsense, “A woman nibbles in public but dines in private?” I recently heard this statement on an insurance commercial—(I think!)–  but what in the “Sam Hill” is going on here? Do you mean to tell me that a woman is still so far beneath a man, she can’t even have a meal in public? Is it being suggested that it isn’t socially accepted to see a woman getting down “busting her neck” eating?
See I’m from Mississippi where even the “elite ” women eat –(elite as in rich and Caucasian). I have never seen a woman hold back on eating in public because it wasn’t proper etiquette.
This topic is on my mind because I am just returning from a mini vacation to San Diego where I ate anything I wanted, whenever I wanted it, and even dined alone at times (which is apparently taboo as well). I had big juicy turkey burgers, samosas, pizzas, shimp and grits, sandwiches, cocktails, cookies, etc… the list goes on and on. But now this makes me wonder how others were perceiving my actions. When I was chomping down on that big, juicy, cheesy, saucy, well- seasoned, tender,  delicious turkey burger, were people looking at me in disgust–as the onions, lettuce, avocados, and tomatos oozed from the sides of my bun? What about when I was eating the pizza and the sauce was dripping down my fingers? What type of animal did bystanders see me as?
See here’s the deal… I am a woman but I am also a living, breathing human being. When I am hungry, I have just as much right to eat as a man. I shouldn’t be expected to wait until a “socially appropriate” time.
So that is what I will continue to do so if you ever see me in a restaurant, just know it’s about to go down (It’s going to be a murder! I plan to lay it down, put it in the grave, and bury it … you may want to turn your head as not to be a witness. LOL!).
Lesson I learned:
1.) Don’t conform to society’s standards of what is acceptable and what is not. Live your life with no regrets because we only get one. You never know when you will be called home so Eat, laugh, love!!!!

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