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While scrolling my Instagram timeline a few days ago, I came across a post by @blackwithnochaser. The post spoke of a form of genocide that had actually occurred in my home state of Mississippi known as “The Devil’s Punchbowl.” Apparently this incident occurred post-civil war. Very few are aware of this occurrence, but history tells us that over 20,000 freed slaves were forced back into concentration camps in Natchez Mississippi and many were killed or died from disease.

As I read the post and watched the short news clip attached, my eyes began to well up with tears and before I could say or do anything else, I was crying hysterically. The thought of my ancestors being forced back into slavery and even killed when they were supposed to be free. Where was the enforcement of the laws then? Where was the prosecution of these individuals running the camps? Where were the law enforcement individuals who were supposed to protect and serve and uphold the laws? What about the government? The legislators? Congress?  The President who helped to end slavery…Where was he? Were these Individuals running these camps and killing my ancestors called names like, “Sons of Bitches?”

 I must ask these questions because as I stated earlier, very little is known about this dark part of history. Amazingly, when I google, “The Devil’s Punchbowl,” Wikipedia mentions this beautiful, serene attraction in England. Nothing is mentioned of the 20, 000 African Americans killed in Mississippi. Take a moment to simply imagine the contrast there… Serenity vs. Complete disruption. SMH!

Some people still wonder why individuals of my own ethnicity don’t really trust the system or trust the individuals in these positions of power. Some people ask, “Why are ‘they’ still holding onto the past? Can’t ‘they’ just get over it?”

 It’s called the circle of life. We wake up every day still living in this hell—Still seeing innocent African Americans being sent to prisons or killed or not being afforded the same opportunities or given the same respect as our counterparts—Still learning more and more each day about the hell our ancestors had to endure. So no, I’m not getting over it and you shouldn’t either. No, I’m not calling for riots or for individuals to “fight the power” but if I want to take a knee in recognition of my brothers and sisters still in those concentration camps (jails) and all those being murdered unjustly on the same soil in which my ancestors were killed, I can do that. See, there is no rule to grief and grieving. Hell I may grieve until the day I die and I have the right to do just that!


*{On a lighter note, Happy Veterans Day to all those individuals who have served in some branch of “OUR” military… God Bless! My former beauty consultants (My Good Judy in Maryland and my sister) are actually vets so they did do something right!!! LOL!

I texted my Good Judy in Maryland, “Happy Veterans Day!” He responded, “Thanks my love! I did it all for you guys!”

Surprisingly I asked, “You sure? I thought it was for a check baby?” He jokingly returned, “It sholl was baby!”}



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