“Living my best life!” Name it and claim it!

Last week a co-worker contacted me via telephone to check on me–(Since I’ve been off work.)
When he called, I was actually in CVS carrying an armful of lotions, wines, and Astros merch! (“Go ‘Stros!”)

But anyway, My coworker asked how I was doing. I then responded, “I am great! I am living my best life!” He then chuckled at the expression. I asked why he thought that was funny? He explained, that is what everyone says even when it may not actually be true! I then debatably told him, “but I am living my life. I got a chemical peel. I am working out 2x a day, I am writing a book, eating right, I even created a bucket list, I am planning to travel, and I’m feeling great, etc. We then moved on to another conversation topic.
(Imagine the laugh he got a few days later when he read my blog and learned the real “T” regarding the chemical peel and the agony I had been in. All I can say is I received a text full of different style crying laughing emojis —some I had never even seen before!).
Yesterday I was reminded how much the phrase “Living my best life” really irks my co-worker. Upon reading the tagline to my blog, he texted, “You taking that living your best life to the grave huh? LMAO!”
What is his hang-up with this phrase? Are we so focused on the negatives and the ills of the world that it is impossible to imagine another individual living his/her best life? Or is it an unconscious inner desire to see others feeling and doing bad? Is the world that messed up?!!!
He must know, my definition of living my best life may quite possibly differ from his. My characterization may simply be based on the fact that I woke up that morning—that may be “my best life!”
No one’s life is perfect,  but I was taught we have ability to speech things into the atmosphere. Name it and claim it!
Lesson I learned…
• I will continue to profess w/ my tongue (and carry in my heart) that I am “living my best life!” I don’t care how many crying, laughing emojis I get! Those same -new, creative- emojis will be useful to enhance the emotional content of my own text messages in the future.



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