I posted a blog yesterday, “When life gives you lemons, go to church!” Ironically, hours later some SIMPLETON literally shot up a church. This JACKASS obviously had a TRUCKLOAD of lemons. —Of course I know this JERK-OFF didn’t read my post (hell he probably can’t even read!)…But all and all, it’s still eerie!
(I send my prayers to everyone affected by this act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.)

All that being said, I really knew nothing of the situation until I returned home from church and the gym late yesterday evening.
I had been so proud of my morning post and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone… (I was certain they hadn’t taken the initiative to go read my posts on their own—Listen, I know my current fan base—my friends and family! Lol!)

Two of the people I forwarded my blog to were my “Good Judies!”— One Judy is in Maryland and one is in Atlanta. We have been friends for 20 years at least and actually get each other. (I won’t give my “Good Judies” names yet… maybe later w/ their permission only.)

Side note… Every single day I have to curse one of them out for some reason so it’s best to avoid any unnecessary verbal altercations W/ THOSE TWO! Speaking of altercations … I will have to tell you all about the one physical altercation involving my good Judy in Atlanta and myself. This occurred over 15 years ago— All I can say at this moment is there was one winner and one loser. LOL!

Any who…We all share a group message. So upon sending the link to my morning blog…. {AGAIN entitled}, “When life gives you lemons, go to church,”—- My good Judy in Atlanta responded… (Her exact text)… “Go to church? Really? Well 20 people just got killed there so that might not be the move baby! Huh?!?!”

Talk about BAD TIMING! Boy did I have egg on my face…

To add insult to injury, my good Judy in Maryland responded, “You should have been a journalist! Always reporting the spoils of the world!”
I replied… “Thanks! I love u!!! (Obviously he’s referring to me right? I’m the only writer in the thread.)
He later corrected me! He let me know that text was intended for our good Judy in Atlanta and not for me…
Oops… OOPS

Lessons I learned …
• Don’t always assume I am the best in the room. There may actually be someone better than me… (Those are very rare occasions though)!
• When life gives you lemons, you may need an acute psychiatric placement or even long-term residential placement.
Of course God can heal but the individual must desire that healing within in his/her heart.

Some FOLKS need mental health warrants and straight jackets… (And that is my professional opinion!)



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  1. Josie says:

    Love it!! Lemons and church!

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