It’s a cycle… each morning I wake up curious as to what surprises the night has brought to my face. I don’t know… each night I sleep, I naively imagine when I wake up my face will be healed and that some type of miraculous face-altering event occurred over night PRETTY FACEWell as you probably suspect, it didn’t! UGLT FACE
I also began this new diet for about a week now. I basically take a Doppler full of B12 Complex each morning, followed by some “miracle drops” and basically eat nothing (other than a few sprigs of grass here and there lol!) …
Yeah, I’m that girl! LOL!
So as you may derive from the context clues, a miracle weight loss is another misplaced expectation I have each morning. Can’t I just wake up at 125 pounds with an “Ooh So Soft Baby bottom face?”
I can’t front though, the weight loss is coming along nicely…
I actually have additional motives for this full body transformation…yeah I want to look good a feel good but there are a couple of unsuspecting characters I want to completely “GAG” when I walk in the room. You read it correctly, “GAG!” LOL!

jUANIT lol!
So this is my morning routine as of late… scales and mirrors. Ultimately, I know what I have to do…
I joined a new church a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t attend last week because of my procedure.
Today though, I am dressing in my dancing shoes. We all know the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well I say, “When life gives you lemons, go to church!”
The last time I went though, there were a couple of older church women on my right talking about baseball the entire time… yeah take a moment to imagine that conversation…lol!


Then there was an elderly man sleeping and snoring on my left…
I will get an AISLE seat for today’s service…



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