Mamma! Mia! (First blog post)

My! Oh My! I have finally done it! I have created my own blog. This is pretty cool and exciting… and nerve-racking. I am so excited to explore the world in this way but at the same time my throat is clogged with anxiety at this very moment. What will people think? What if I don’t say things in a “politically correct manner?” What about grammatical errors?… I mean, Let’s face it, I’m 35 years old. I didn’t graduate college yesterday. Yet I continue to type reminding myself of the blog’s purpose and that is to be light-hearted and fun . So at this moment I will take a deep breath (woo-sah) and begin…You and I have a lot to talk about.
Let’s begin with me… (facts)… I’m a 35 year old divorcee, From Mississippi currently living in Houston, TX. I have a 16 year old son who lives with my ex-husband in Atlanta. I have 5 siblings scattered between Mississippi and Texas (I actually have a few more half- siblings…Papa was a rolling stone and I’ve heard he’s still rolling. LOL!)
I am a licensed psychotherapist … Don’t hold that against me in the future lol! I work full time as a clinical supervisor here in Houston. I am  a lover of many things…including but not limited to, Jesus, human rights, health, wealth, nature, education, all things Texas, food, laughs, family, friends, children, fashion, gossip, fitness, the New Orleans Saints, LA Lakers, and UCLA. We will talk about all those things and more in this blog.
I also love my boyfriend…(well most of the time!) lol! He and I have been dating 4 years. You will definitely hear more about him later! 🙂
Okay… we did it! Introduction is complete! Now we can get to the good stuff in the upcoming blogs. I will be blogging everyday so please check them out and comment. You should be highly entertained… 🙂



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